The Vermont Electronic Health Record Incentive Program (EHRIP)

Welcome to Vermont's EHRIP website.  Here you will find information about the Medicaid EHRIP, including resources to help you determine if you are an eligible provider and instructions on how to attest for a payment.


Important Dates and Deadlines

April 27, 2015  – This marks the end of the grace period for both Eligible Hospitals and Eligible Professionals to  submit applications for Program Year 2014. Do not wait until the last day of the Grace Period to start your applications! A technical file exchange process occurs between Vermont Medicaid and the CMS Registration and Attestation website, which may take up to 48 hours to complete. Many providers and preparers who have waited until the last day to start or submit their EHRIP applications discover errors in their data too late: the required file exchanges are not able to be completed, and they miss the deadline. Start your applications as soon as possible to ensure NPIs, TINs, Active Medicaid Status and other important eligibility criteria can be correctly processed by all systems.


All Program Year 2014 applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Monday 4/27/2015.



Updates and Announcements    Last Updated 03/10/2015


Vermont Medicaid EHRIP Website Table of Contents

EHRIP Home Page
Website table of contents; Overview of program history, purpose and function; Links to CMS Rules and guidance

Announcements and Updates
The latest guidance and program alerts.


An archive of all email communications sent to participating preparers and providers.

Program Year 2014

Summary of changes for Program Year 2014 EHRIP applications

Patient Volume

Excerpts from the official Final Rules describing the requirements for calculating Patient Volume for both EPs and EHs.

Patient Volume Data Tool

An Excel document to use as a template when compiling EP patient volume encounter data.

Meaningful Use Guidance

Links and resources for MU1 & MU2 Comparison Tables, CQM measures.

Payment Adjustments and Hardship Exceptions

Who is subject to Medicare payment adjustments and how to avoid them.

The MAPIR Collaborative
The consortium of states that developed the web-based system to manage Medicaid EHR incentive payments.

Vermont Medicaid EHRIP Application Process
Step-by-step summary and resources on how to prepare, register and apply for an EHRIP payment.


Additional information for Eligible Hospital Applications

Logging in to MAPIR: Issues and Suggestions
Common issues encountered when starting an attestation in MAPIR. 

EHRIP Questions and Assistance
VITL services; Ask questions and request troubleshooting by establishing a MyVITL Helpdesk account.

EHRIP Audits
Guidelines on saving documentation to support all aspects of your EHR incentive payment application.

EHRIP Appeals Process for Denied or Disputed Payments
How to appeal a decision regarding a denied or disputed EHR Incentive payment.

EHR Incentive Program Reports
Posting of EHRIP progress measures and reports, the Annual Report to CMS and links to data in report form at



The Electronic Health Record Incentive Payment program was established by the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The program is designed to support providers during the period of health information technology transition and to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of patient health care through the use of electronic health records (EHRs).

The Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs provide incentive payments to eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals  as they adopt, implement, upgrade or demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology.


Federal Rules

The U.S. Department of Health Services, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator released the final rules providing the parameters and requirements for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use in the Electronic Health Record Incentive Payment (EHRIP) program.


What is Meaningful Use?

The potential benefits of electronic health records (EHRs) depend on how they are used. Meaningful Use is the set of standards defined by CMS that governs the use of EHRs by setting specific criteria for eligible providers and hospitals. These Meaningful Use objectives and measures will evolve in distinct stages over the next five years.

Stage I:    Data capture and sharing
Stage II:   Advance clinical processes
Stage III:  Improved outcomes

Learn more about the set of standards for Meaningful Use at


The CMS EHRIP Website

The CMS EHRIP website is a very thorough and robust resource for all aspects of Meaningful Use and the EHR Incentive Program, and is updated regularly as new requirements and guidelines are issued. It is the best starting point to learn more about:  


EHRIP Participation Timelines

The EHR Incentive Program is a multi-year initiative that has different requirements and payment amounts depending on the program (Medicaid or Medicare), the Program Year and the Meaningful Use stage of participation. A summary guide to expectations for each year of participation can be found here:

Choose Medicaid or Medicare  (How do I decide?)


MAPIR  and the State of Vermont’s Administration of Medicaid EHRIP Payments

The EHRIP Team is part of the Blueprint for Health Division within the Department of Vermont Health Access, and is responsible for the implementation of the Vermont Medicaid EHRIP program. Vermont is one of thirteen states using the Medical Assistance Provider Incentive Repository (MAPIR) System to manage Medicaid EHRIP applications. After Eligible Providers and Eligible Hospitals register at the CMS site, MAPIR allows Medicaid providers to attest to participate. MAPIR processes the information in EHRIP applications and issues incentive payments.

The EHRIP payment process begins by accessing the CMS Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation (R & A) System and stepping through the login and accreditation procedures. The Vermont MAPIR system and CMS R&A system share eligibility and attestation data back and forth in the course of the application and validation procedures of Medicaid EHRIP payments.

Learn more about MAPIR.


EHRIP and MAPIR Help Desk 

For questions and assistance with Vermont’s EHR Incentive Program and the MAPIR system, please go to and click on the “sign up” link at the top right corner of the page. This site will give you access to the Help Desk operated by VITL, Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc., operators of Vermont’s Health Information Exchange.

You will be able to ask questions and enter requests for help on all issues related to the EHR Incentive Program and MAPIR at this site. The Help Desk is monitored during normal business hours.


How to Apply

The correct order of the steps for a provider or hospital (or a preparer on their behalf) to follow in the application process are outlined here:

Vermont Medicaid EHRIP Application Process

Prospective EHRIP applicants are urged to explore the information and resources at that page and to establish a MyVITL Help Desk account before going forward with an EHR Incentive Program attestation.


For questions, contact the Vermont EHRIP Team at


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