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Health Care Reform Documents


2016 Documents

Review of Vermont Medicaid Benefits per Act 58 of 2015 Legislative Session

Public Employees' Health Benefits Report

     Data & Analysis

Act 54, Sec 44 Findings and Recommendations on Uniform Forms and Mental Health Quality Assurance

Cost Estimates for Universal Primary Care, Act 54, Sec 16-19


2015 Documents

Vermont Health Connect Exchange Options Report

     VHC Exchange Options Report Appendices

Health Benefit Exchange Impact Report

Medicaid Reimbursement Report

Vermont Health Connect Report

Green Mountain Care: A Comprehensive Model for Building Vermont's Universal Health Care System


2014 Documents

     Concept Paper: Green Mountain Care and the Federal Waiver for State Innovation

     Medical Malpractice Report (updated version 10/15/14)

     Blueprint for Health Report

     Claims Edits Memorandum

     The Road to Green Mountain Care - 2/7/14 Senate Health & Welfare Presentation


2013 Documents

     Vermont Health Connect Operating Budget Analysis (Links to Joint Fiscal Office) 

     Act 107 Telemedicine Report (3/6/13)

     2013 Global Commitment Documents (Links to Dept of VT Health Access)

     Health Care Reform Financing Plan     

         Financing Plans: 2014-2017 (Presentation, 1/25/13)

     Health Care Workforce Strategic Plan (1/15/13)

     Integration or Alignment of Vermont's Workers' Compensation System with Green Mountain Care (1/15/13)

     Act 171 Consumer Protection Report (1/15/13) 


2012 Documents

Vermont Health Benefit Exchange: Update on Health Benefit Plans

Act 48 Integration Report: Green Mountain Care

Act 48 Integration Report: The Exchange

    1/10/12 Presentation to House Health Care

    1/24/12 Presentation to Senate Finance

Strategic Plan for Vermont Health Reform: 2012–2014 (Revised July 2012)

Act 48, Sec. 10 Health Information Technology Plan Recommendations

Act 48, Sec. 17 Report on Discretionary Clauses

Act 48, Sec 13 (b) Report on Potential Effects on Job Dislocation as a Result of the Implementation of the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange and Green Mountain Care


2011 Documents

 "Federal Health Care Reform: Funding Opportunities" tracking document

Act 48 Medical Malpractice Reforms

Costs of Vermont’s Health Care System, Comparison of Baseline and Reformed System, Final Report, November 1, 2011

Act 48 Implementation Teams

Costs of VT's Health Care System - Comparison of Baseline & Reformed System (Initial Draft 4/21/11)

Act 128 - Report to Legislature on Payment Reform - February, 2011: Richard Slusky

Act 128 - Health System Reform Design - Final Report - February, 2011; William Hsiao, PhD, FSA; Steven Kappel, MPA, Jonathan Gruber, PhD 

Health Care System Design Draft Report & Associate Documents – January 2011;  William Hsiao, PhD, FSA; Steven Kappel, MPA, Jonathan Gruber, PhD

Act 128 - Report to Legislature on Payment Reform (2/1/11)


2010 Documents

Act. 49 - Health Plan Administrative Cost Report

Act 49. - Recommendations to Improve Utilization & Variation in Health Care Services in Vermont (1/15/10)

Act.61 - Workers Compensation Workgroup Report (1/15/10)

Depreciation Report - The Financial Impact of Allowing Depreciation as a Business Expense when Determining Eligibility for Health Care Programs (1-10)

Healthy Farm Worker Program Progress Report (1/10)

Vermont Household Health Insurance Survey:  Comprehensive Report (1/15/10)

VITL Annual Report 2010 (1/2010)


2009 Documents

Act 203, Section 31 Fair Contracting Standards Workgroup Report  (Jan. 2009)

Act 203, Section 33 Workers' Compensation Report (Jan. 2009)

Advanced Directives for Health Care

Blueprint for Health 2008 Annual Report  (Jan. 2009)

Corrections Health Work Group Report to Legislature (7/31/09)

Health Plan Administrative Cost Report (Dec. 2009)

Health Resources Allocation Plan (HRAP) Update Recommendations and Implementation Options (June 2009)

HIT and Higher Education Final Report (Nov. 2009)

HIT Payment Reform Workgroup Final Report (Aug. 2009)

Merging the Individual, Small-Group, and Association Markets in Vermont  (Jan. 2009)

Palliative Care for Children (Nov. 2009)

Report of the Palliative Care, End-of-Life Care, and Pain Management Study Committee  (Jan. 2009)

Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement System

Report to HAOC on the Study on the Promotion of Generics CoPay Structure - Cover Memo (10/30/09)

Report to HAOC on the Study on the Promotion of Generics CoPay Structure (10/30/09)

Vermont Health Information Technology Plan (Oct. 2009)

2009 Green Mountain Care Enrollment Reports

2009 Recommendations of the Stroke Workgroup (Nov. 2009)


2008 Documents

Common Claims and Procedures Work Group Final Report  (Jan. 2008)

HCRC Statement on Costs (Dec. 2008)

Health Care Reform Overview  (October 2008)

Health Status of Vermonters  (2008)

2008 Green Mountain Care Enrollment Reports


2007 Documents

Advanced Directives Registry Report  (Jan. 2007)

CHAMPPS  (Jan. 2007) 

Common Claims Work Group Interim Report  (Jan. 2007)

Employer Contribution Rules   (Aug. 2007)

Health Care Reform Five-Year Implementation Plan (2007 Annual Update) 

Immunization Program  (Jan. 2007)

Master Provider Index Report   (Jan. 2007) 

Vermont Community Hospitals Uncompensated Care Policies  (Jan. 2007)

Vermont Health Information Technology Plan  (July 2007)

Vermont Health Information Technology Leaders, Inc. (VITL) Progress Reports   (Jan. 2007)  


2006 Documents

Cost Shift Task Force Report   (Dec. 2006)


Other Vermont Health Care Reform Resources

     Vermont Strategic and Operational Plans (VSOP) v.1.4

     Health Services Enterprise Architecture v.7.4

DFR - Vermont Health Care Data and Reports

Vermont Joint Fiscal Office Health Care Documents

Act 48, Sec. 10 Health Information Technology Plan Recommendations (Jan. 2012)

NE Application for Cooperative Agreement to Support Innovation Exchange Information Technology Systems (12-22-10)

Work Plan

Updated Timeline for Health Care Reform Implementation: Health Insurance Provisions

Health Insurance Premium Review Grant Application

Federal Health Care Reform Vermont Preferences (1/12/2010)

Health Care Reform Tasks & Deliverables "Dashboard" (12/21/10)

Implementation of the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Vermont Health Care Reform Initiatives (11/10)

Health Reform in Vermont - Transformation to a High Value & Affordable Health Care System

2010 Enrollment Reports for Green Mountain Care

Indexed Links to Complete Text of American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)  (Feb. 2009)

Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee of Conference for the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act -- Division A  (Feb. 2009)

Text of the Conference Report -- Division A  (Feb. 2009)

Joint Explanatory Statement of the Committee of Conference for the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act -- Division B  (Feb. 2009)

Text of the Conference Report -- Division B  (Feb. 2009)

Congressional Budget Office Report on Key Issues in Health Care Reform (Dec. 2008)

Congressional Budget Office Report on Options in Health Care Reform (Dec. 2008)


HHS State Insurance Exchange Grant Application


Project Narrative