Health Care Reform Timeline

In May of 2011 Vermont passed Act 48, putting the state on the path to implementing a universal and unified health care system that covers all Vermonters.  The path to publicly financed, universally available, high quality health care coverage is complex.  Like any complex journey, this one will be accomplished in several steps. 

The Vermont Health Benefit Exchange will go into effect January 2014.  Today, the state is working to implement the Exchange as mandated by federal and state law.  At the same time, we are planning ahead in accordance with Act 48 to implement Vermont's single-payer health care system.  The single-payer system will not go into effect until a number of milestones are achieved, including obtaining a waiver from the federal government and approval by the Vermont legislature of a financing plan that meets the requirements of Act 48. 

To view a chart explaining how different groups obtain coverage today and how they will obtain coverage in 2017, click here.

The graphic below illustrates the three stages of health care reform in Vermont, click the box to view the stage:

Current VT ProgramsVermont Health Benefit ExchangeUnified Green Mountain Care