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A key provision of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (also know as the "ACA") requires the creation of a Health Benefit Exchange in each state. The Exchange is an online marketplace for health insurance products that requires all vendors (insurance carriers and state health programs) to play by the same rules. In 2011, the Vermont legislature passed Act 48 -- a law that created the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange. Vermonters will be able to start shopping for health plans on October 1, 2013 and the Exchange plans will kick in on January 1, 2014. The Exchange will be the only place where individuals and businesses with 50 or fewer employees can get health insurance.


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Health Benefit Exchange Implementation Timeline

Like all states, Vermont must implement the requirements of the ACA according to a federally-mandated schedule. Act 48, the bill signed by Governor Shumlin in 2011, spelled out the specifics of how and when these requirements will be met. It also established a group of health care experts called the Green Mountain Care Board, who will be responsible for making many of the technical decisions involved in implementing health care reform. 

The federal Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, but for Vermont, it’s only the beginning. After implementing federal ACA requirements, Vermont will use the new Health Benefit Exchange infrastructure as a springboard to implement universal Green Mountain Care coverage beginning in roughly 2017.


Key steps for the implementation of the Health Benefit Exchange and ACA:


May 2011: Act 48 signed into law


May 2012: The Vermont General Assembly passes legislation (H.559) finalizing plans for the health care Exchange


Spring 2012: Small business tax credit available for tax year 2011


Summer 2012: The Green Mountain Care Board approves the essential health benefits benchmark plan for the Exchange


January 2013: The Agency of Administration submits a health care reform financing plan to the General Assembly


October 2013: Exchange enrollment begins for Vermonters.  Small businesses (50 employees or fewer) and individuals/families who are not covered by their employer will now search for and select qualified health plans through the Exchange.  Subsidies and tax credits will be available to help individuals and families afford insurance.


January 2014: Exchange health coverage begins



To learn about Vermont’s plans for a universal health care system which will revolutionize health care in our state, check out Green Mountain Care:

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